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The North Carolina Department of Justice has four primary functions:

  • Provide legal representation to state agencies;
  • Assist local law enforcement in fighting crime and prosecuting cases;
  • Provide training and standards for law enforcement;
  • Protect North Carolina consumers.

The department provides legal advice and representation to state government departments, agencies and commissions. The Attorney General, as head of the department, also provides legal opinions at the request of public officials and handles all criminal appeals from state trial courts. When public safety and interests are at stake, the Attorney General can take legal action on behalf of the State and its people.

The Department of Justice provides assistance to law enforcement agencies across North Carolina.

The  helps solve crimes by analyzing evidence and consulting with local law enforcement officers and other criminal justice personnel. 

Trò chơi tài chính uy tín The  provides training for local law enforcement officers.

Trò chơi tài chính uy tín The Department of Justice also oversees standards for law enforcement through the  and the .

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