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The NC Department of Public Safety works to improve the quality of life for North Carolinians by reducing crime and enhancing public safety.

Trò chơi tài chính uy tínThe secretary serves as the sole representative on the Governor's Cabinet for the state's law enforcement, correction and emergency response community.

Trò chơi tài chính uy tínThe department focuses citizen and legislative attention on law enforcement and public safety issues, such as the supervision of offenders in prison or in juvenile detention centers and in community supervision, drinking and driving, underage access to alcohol and tobacco, the proper use of child safety seats, crime prevention and preparation for natural disasters.

In addition to natural disasters, the department is constantly updating plans and providing training for local officials to respond to emergencies such as terrorism, communicable diseases, nuclear power plant incidents and civil unrest.

This agency serves as the coordinating agency for North Carolina's homeland security preparedness.

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